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2004-Jul-17 Release of ASAP with the following changes: * New help system that supports script-specific help pages and context-sensitive help; some scripts now have their own help pages * Improved back-end and more uniform interface for data upload scripts * Increased automation and web accessibility of data uploads, removing some manual, server-side steps * Improved back-end and more uniform interface for error handling * New script to allow curators to upload annotator assignments * Increased security via improved encryption * Improved usability of user permission scripts with script enforcement of the all-curators-are-annotators rule * Added "most recent version" tag to home page * Fixed bug in GenBank importer feature part numbering
2004-May-03 Added a new genome browser and support for qualitative experimental data and features that span the origin of a circular genome.
2004-Apr-01 Experimental data for aerobic shift experiments on E. coli K12 MG1655 made public.
2003-Dec-17 Data for Aedes and Armigeres mosquito ESTs made public.
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