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Erwinia amylovora Ea273 Genome Project
Genome project for Erwinia amylovora Ea273

While other plant-associated enterobacteria undergo taxonomic revisions, Erwinia amylovora, the type strain of this genus retains the name and its history as the first described bacterial plant pathogen.  E. amylovora remains a commercially important pathogen as the causative agent of Fire Blight of orchard fruit trees.  Despite being among the better-studied plant-associated enterobacteria, the molecular basis of disease remains largely elusive. In a project led by collaborator Steve Beer (Cornell University), in collaboration with the Sanger Centre, we are sequencing this genome in search of additional insights into virulence.  Genome sequencing is now complete and preliminary data is available.  Annotation is underway.  For more information contact Steven Beer.

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 January 2007 )
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