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Research Projects

GEL personnel and collaborators are currently engaged in a variety of research projects. Here we focus on describing our research interests and many of the projects described span multiple funding sources. The funding section of this site contains more information about the objectives and attribution for individual grants.

  • Genome Projects

    We are engaged in multiple projects aimed at increasing the number and diversity genome sequences from enterobacteria.  These include plant pathogenic enterobacteria, which remain underrepresented among complete genomes available, as well as neglected genera isolated from a wide variety of sources.


  • Software and Database Development

    We have built several tools to assist with annotation and comparative analysis of genome data.  These include Mauve, a widely used multiple genome aligner, and the ASAP database.  The Software section of this web site includes additional information about using and downloading these tools.  To logon to our installation of ASAP to browse and retrieve genome data use this link:

    Enter ASAP now!


  • Organismal and Genome Evolution

    We use genome sequences and tools built here and elsewhere to try to understand the evolutionary history of genes, genomes and organisms.  Our interests include characterizing the relationship between major lineages of enterobacteria (link to Tree of Life website), exploring the role gene family expansion in adaptation to different environments, determining the impact of regulatory evolution in divergence of enterobacteria, and examining how the system-scale metabolic network evolves.


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