Bryan S. Biehl

Graduate Student



Graduate Student-Research Assistant

425G Henry Mall Suite 4400V
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-890-0172
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Curriculum Vitae

Degrees and Training

B.S., Genetics; 2002, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research Interests

Bacterial Genomics

Molecular Evolution

Evolution of Symbiosis (including pathogenesis) 

Plant Pathogenesis

Research Description

The family of Enterobacteriaciae is a diverse phenotypic set of organisms ranging from mutuallists to pathogens.  Our lab has recently focused on the genome sequencing of several plant pathogens.  I am interested in the evolution of plant pathogenicity and symbiosis within the context of these diverse organisms.  Pantoea stewartii is an example of both a plant pathogen and an animal endosymbiont.  P. stewartii is the causitive agent of Stewart's wilt in corn and is vectored by the corn flea beetle.  To understand the underlying genetic elements that may be involved in this organism's pathogenicity, we are sequencing the genome of P. stewartii, as well as performing mutational assays to verify putative pathogenicity factors.


Anderson BD, Gilson MC, Scott AA, Biehl BS, Glasner JD, Rajashekara G, Splitter GA, Perna NT.  CGHScan: finding variable regions using high-density microarray comparative
genomic hybridization data.  BMC Genomics. 2006 Apr 25;7:91.

Glasner JD, Liss P, Plunkett G 3rd, Darling A, Prasad T, Rusch M, Byrnes A, Gilson M, Biehl B, Blattner FR, Perna NT.  ASAP, a systematic annotation package for community analysis of genomes.  Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Jan 1;31(1):147-51.

Kwong LN, Shedlovsky A, Biehl BS, Clipson L, Pasch CA, Dove WF. Identification of Mom7, a Novel Modifier of ApcMin/+ on Mouse Chromosome 18.  Genetics. 2007 Apr 15.

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